Our services include manufacturing, from prototyping to high volume off-shore production.


Prototyping and concept testing is an important step in the design process. It is a quick, low-cost and effective and way to de-risk the design process. Technical and market risks can be addressed when prototypes are tested by select consumers.

Electronic assemblies and rapid prototype packaging (plastic or metal) can be turned around in just a few days so you can have a working product in your hand early in the process.


Transitioning to manufacturing from prototyping can be scalable to any volume. Whether utilizing on-shore or off-shore manufacturing, Ienso can deliver a completely tested and packaged product right to your door.


Off-shore manufacturing is typically advantageous as volumes increase to thousands or tens of thousands. With our permanent Asian office to assist in this transition, manufacturing can be seamlessly ramped up.

Ienso’s manufacturing operations office in Asia is capable of overseeing high-volume production. Our team takes care of the process so you don’t have to:

• Factory contract negotiation

• Quality and Test Plans

• Custom Test Jigs

• Schedule and project management

• Manufacturer audits and inspection

• Component sourcing and supply chain management

• Product lifecycle cost reduction

We can seamlessly increase production from thousands to tens of thousands as sales of your product increase.


Many products require safety certification such as UL and emissions approvals such as FCC. Our office will coordinate required certifications in conjunction with the development and production process.


Smart testing of products in production can have an enormous impact on product quality and in-turn, product cost. At Ienso we develop custom testing systems and methods to ensure that testing is thorough and efficient, often beyond the scope of a tradition factory’s test procedures. The highest quality product is the lowest cost product!


Product delivered to your door, or drop-shipped to your end customer. Our team will coordinate the packaging, crating, shipping and related logistics to get your product to you in the most efficient way.