Drones are more than just toys. They are finding their way into diverse markets, and the bulk of the applications require cameras on board. The agriculture sector is benefitting from drone vision systems that can monitor the health of soil and crops, identify weeds, monitor herds, control planting, and control aerial spraying. Mapping, surveying and geographical scanning sectors are being revolutionised with accurate, high-resolution imaging. Journalists, cinematographers, sporting venues and aerial photographers all are using drones equipped with high-performance cameras. Businesses are using them to inspect power lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission towers, buildings and bridges. Drones for recreational use can include functions like collision avoidance, intelligent flight paths, smart landing algorithms and high resolution cameras.

Drones work under unique conditions and need camera systems to match. Stabilization, from mechanical gimbals or software is sometimes required. Global or mechanical shutter sensors may be needed instead of basic rolling shutter sensors to reduce the “jello” effect in image capture. In some cases, a high-speed sensor that can take high frame rate video is required. Other applications could include accurate zooming, acquiring different spectra such as Infrared, simultaneous field of view image capturing.

Ienso can design and produce a drone camera to meet your specific needs.