Our design capabilities range from multi-element lenses to simple light pipes. We can prototype, package and tool custom lenses to meet your needs. Through our lens manufacturing partners custom or more traditional lens designs can be achieved.


Where function and form meet...we offer 3D design solutions so that your product is packaged ergonomically with an intuitive user interface. From detailed metal chassis to simple high volume plastics, our engineers can meet your needs.


Between the electronics and the outer package of any product is the mechanical interface. Our mechanical engineering group has the expertise to design cost-effective, manufacturable and robust products. We can provide the mechanical design services to complete the engineering of your product.


Our multi-disiplinary electronics group covers all the bases.

• Camera Sensors - CCD and CMOS

• Camera Processors and DSPs

• Analog Electronics

• Digital Electronics (MPU, FPGA, SoC)

• ASIC Design

• Embedded Systems

• RF Design

• GPS Design


Smart electronic products require efficient, well-structured and bug-free code. Programming with Real Time Operating Systems or other embedded Operating Systems is a necessity.

Ienso’s firmware and software experts can turn your vision into an intuitive user experience.


Ienso has worked with numerous sensors and processors, including FPGAs. Cameras each have their own unique image requirements so choosing the right sensor and processor for your product is critical. Then the optimization of the image processing for your application takes the camera performance to the next level so it is successful in the field.


Applications, computing intelligence and storage are often pushed to the cloud. This makes having the architecture in place critical to enable this type of performance. The infrastructure required includes camera hardware and embedded firmware through to the application architecture on the cloud. Cameras integrated with new generations of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, databases and self-learning systems are within the scope of Ienso’s turn-key solutions.